The new Z-5000 continues the successful HITACHI tandem design whereby the flame and furnace atomizers are mounted side by side in the instrument chassis. This design which has been field proven for over 16 years means that changeover between the atomizers is instantaneous and involves no time consuming re-alignment. An exclusive feature of HITACHI Zeeman AAs is the fact that the flame is also Zeeman background corrected as well as the furnace so that difficult samples can be handled with ease by either atomizer. The Z-5000 marks the sixth generation of HITACHI Zeeman AA which began with the introduction of the world's first commercial Zeeman, the model 170-70 over 20 years ago.
HITACHI AAs have always been noted for superior detection limits. The Z-5000 features a new electronic and optical design which results in improved signal to noise and therefore better detection limits than ever.
The multitasking Windows ®95 software is very powerful yet is still very easy to use . The instrument is fully automatic and will run up to 12 elements in sequence with full QC protocol. The Z-5000 is available in three configurations: tandem, flame only and furnace only.
The reliability of HITACHI AAs has become legendary such that the Z-5000 carries a full THREE YEAR WARRANTY.


1. Spectrophotometric section (Z-5000/5300/5700)
Measurement mode: Atomic absorption and flame (Z-5700 does not have the flame mode.)
Measurement method: Double beam spectrophotometry using the polarizing Zeeman-effect method
Background correction: Polarizing Zeeman-effect method
Range of wavelength: 190 to 900 nm
2. Light source section (Z-5000/5300/5700)
Numbers of installed lamp: 8 lamps (turret system)
Simultaneous lighting: 2 lamps
Lamp position setting: Automatic position setting (having fine adjustment function)
3. Flame section (Z-5000/5300)
Ignition system: Pilot flame ignition (automatic)
Burning condition setting: Controlled by the mass flow controller
4. Electric furnace section (Z-5000/5700)
Heating system: Light temperature control/constant current control
Temperature program: Temperature, time and gas flow rate control
5. Data process section (Z-5000/5300/5700)
Computer: Pentium PC
OS: Windows® 95/98/Me